Wanderlust and Family

Wanderlust can be a powerful drug. It can send you to untamed worlds and introduce you to an array of people. You'll experience a euphoria unlike anything you've ever felt. But, like anything else, wanderlust can become an obsession.

The past 9 years have been full of adventure and travel. Growing up, I wouldn't say my family was an the most adventurous one. I would watch movies and wonder what it would be like to camp, explore, and just be among nature. After college I made a conscious decision to break out, travel alone, and explore new cities.

I started small; Nashville, Chicago, Orlando. But then I became braver; more adventurous. The Smokey's, Pike's Peak, The Absaroka Mountains, Yosemite, and the list goes on. What started out as a simple curiosity led to an overwhelming drive to feel the rush of a new moment. I lost myself in a world of beautiful sights, adrenaline rushes, and the unknown.

I lost sight of what mattered most; friendships, family, my future. I still had my friends, I still talked to my family daily, I still was on track to become a functioning adult. But there was a dullness to it all. I was never able to live completely in the moment; in the life I had built for myself. The town I so loved became the town I despised returning.

I realized that my wanderlust was more than a love for adventure but more an obsession. I used it as an escape from my financial strife, family sickness, and life.

Balance is necessary whether you see it in this moment or not.

With all this said, you do not have to choose one or the other. Those who love you will embrace you for who you are. My father loved my wandering spirit and encouraged me to travel as much as I could. Remember the ones around you. They will be there to cheer you on, support you when needed, and love you for the adventurous soul that you are.

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