Facing fears: a "no plans" weekend

With the week finally over, the countdown complete, and the weekend staring you in the face, it has come time for the greatest challenge you’ve faced all week: deciding what to do with the next 48 hours of pure, unadulterated freedom.

Like most of you, I run into this same problem every Friday afternoon. I have slowly counted down every minute, even seconds some weeks, to find myself at a loss when the weekend finally arrives.  Do I fill every waking moment with an activity, squeezing out every ounce of fun that I can, or do I choose the always comfy couch, lounging around in my two-sizes too big sweatpants and favorite college sweatshirt watching movies?  But why does it have to be one or the other? Why does the weekend have to be planned so carefully? Isn’t this “planning” and “scheduling” what we try to escape during the week?
Reclaim your weekend as a time for spontaneity, whether that means sinking into your favorite chair with a cup of tea or conquering that new outdoor adventure sport you’ve been dying to try.  


We try to schedule every moment of our lives, even the relaxing ones.  I’m just as guilty as the next person.  I find myself in the middle of one activity already planning the next.  Live in the moment.  What’s the point of taking a hike if the entire time you’re watching the clock?  When did the weekend become 48 hours of scheduled “tasks”? (yes, fun activities become tasks when put them into finite time constraints)

I challenge you to un-plan! Don’t set an alarm.  If you wake up at 11am be content that you got an awesome amount of sleep. Walk downtown and stop at random shops, take a walk through your neighborhood, jump in the car and head to the beach, woods, lake (you get the idea).  But the point is to not plan any of this. Of course, a friend may call and suggest karaoke which you should definitely give a resounding yes. How can anything be more spontaneous than karaoke?

Like I said, I’m guilty of planning my weekend and in a perfect world every weekend would be free of chores and to-do-lists but that is not the case. But each weekend should have at least an hour or two of unplanned fun.

That is what adventures are all about, a time to be bold, take risks, and experience something unusual.
Take the first step in weekend unplanning and create memories without time limits.

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